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Kookie is a magazine with a mission, to celebrate ALL that a girl can be. Whether she’s passionate about science or sport, art or astronomy, history or hip hop, she’s going to love Kookie. That’s why we call it a magazine for smart cookies everywhere.

In a world that too often says there’s only one way to be a girl (think pretty, think pink), Kookie provides a fun, engaging and exciting alternative. One that offers girls a bigger, brighter view of the world and their place in it.

Every issue is packed with stories that build a girl’s confidence, teach her new skills and connect her with other cultures. There are interviews with remarkable women and girls from around the world, profiles of pioneering women in history, original fiction and brilliant comics, plus a whole host of exciting features on everything from adventure and activism to science and sleepovers, as well as craft, debate, pets, puzzles, problems, posters and more. Kookie is surprising, informative and most of all, fun, a keepsake magazine that tweens will treasure.